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Over 120 Travel WODs

Finding a quick effective workout while on the road can often be frustrating. Travel WODs contains over 120 Travel WODs that allow you to change up your routine.

Track Your Results

Keeping track of progress is a pain for all CrossFitters. Fortunately, Travel WODs includes a built in white board system that allows you to track your Travel WODs as well as the WODs at your box.

Built in Timers

A lot of workouts are a race against the clock and without the clock there isn't a race to be had. Use the timer to time and keep track of your progress. Current Timers: Standard stop watch. Coming soon: Tabata, Countdown, Rounds.

The first Travel WODs application!

This application includes over 120 CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) workouts for you to use while you're on the road traveling, on a business trip or even at home if you missed your CrossFit class. No equipment is needed. All workouts assume that you are in a location without access to CrossFit equipment.

Use your body weight and various exercises to keep in optimal CrossFit condition while traveling. All workouts can be done in a hotel room, bedroom or small workout area (only exceptions are those that include running). Workouts can be done inside or outside. Exercises include basic body weight movements that include squats, push-ups, planks and we even have a few tabata's in there for you!.

Filter on workouts that include running, timed, hidden or all.

Use the built in white board to track your WODs for travel or at your own box.

Add new workouts via the Whiteboard by selecting the Add this as a travel W.O.D. checkbox. Time yourself with the built in timer. Set and save your workout times. View the built in graph (after workout times have been saved) to view your historical progress of a particular exercise. Share your WOD or whiteboard entry with Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media application you have installed.

Available for Download
Download the Travel WODs App

Travel WODs is available on Android and is supports Android 2.1 and above. You can download the application on the Google Play store below by clicking on Google Play icon.